Since its inception in 2012, The Purbeck Marathon has gone from strength to strength. It has been rated in the top three UK Marathons for each of the first three years, The Purbeck 16 has been added as a shorter but still very challenging event and 2016 sees the inaugural Purbeck Running Festival.

The organisers are now pleased to announce that entries for The Purbeck Marathon 2016 and The Purbeck 16 2016 are now open. Places in both events are limited and the Marathon was full early in both 2014 and 2015. The race date is Sunday 18 September 2016 with both races starting on the Downs overlooking Swanage Pier and finishing on Sandpit Field in Swanage.

The Purbeck Marathon bills itself as “More than Just a Marathon.” Runners completing the classic Marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards will find they still have a short distance to run including a final hill up to Sandpit Field in Swanage. It is closer to 27 miles but well worth the extra effort to finish on the grass overlooking beautiful Swanage beach.

It is “More than Just a Marathon” because of the stunning scenery that takes in the beautiful seaside resort of Swanage, The Jurassic Coast, Durlston Country Park and the Purbeck hills. How many Marathons offer you stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Portland (weather permitting)? Finishers can also relax their tired legs in the sea afterwards.

It is “More than Just a Marathon” because of the unique places it passes on the route. Runners cross the MOD tank firing range and run through the deserted village of Tyneham. They cross the historic Swanage Railway on a foot crossing, skirt the iconic ruins of Corfe Castle and finish alongside the beach.

It is “More than Just a Marathon” because finishers receive a good bag that includes a technical T-shirt as well as locally-made Purbeck Ice Cream and a bottle of Purbeck Cider.

One of the objectives of The Purbeck Marathon is to involve the community, working with local groups and giving increasing sums to charitable causes. In 2015, The Purbeck Marathon donated £6,000 to local community good causes. Race Director, Martin Payne, noted the importance of community involvement:

“The Purbeck Marathon and The Purbeck 16 are not just about tremendous runs in stunning scenery but it is also about supporting the community. In 2015, we invested heavily in the race infrastructure but we were also able to maintain the same level of donations to local good causes.”

The Purbeck Marathon and The Purbeck 16 are part of The Purbeck Running Festival and The Purbeck Outdoor Weekend. The events taking place over the weekend highlight the beauty of Purbeck, boost the local economy and help local community good causes. The races cannot take place without the support of our partners and volunteers on the day.