The Purbeck Ultra

Affiliated  £54
        Non-affiliated £56            £60 on the day

The Purbeck Marathon

 Affiliated  £43
Non-affiliated £45
£50 on the day

The Purbeck 16

 Affiliated  £28
       Non-affiliated £30         £35 on the day

The Purbeck 6
Affiliated  £18

     Non-affiliated £20        £25 on the day

The Purbeck 3m

 Affiliated  £12
     Non-affiliated £14        £15 on the day

Purbeck 6.2 (10K)

NEW FOR 2019

The Purbeck 6 (10K) is a new race chosen to compliment the existing Purbeck Marathon and Purbeck 16. The Purbeck 6 (10K) will use the same start and a portion of the existing routes before turning uphill and back on itself to finish at the start line.

As always our races give you more and in this case it is a little more than 10K

Just like or other races the Purbeck 6 (10K) is tough but very scenic and the shorter distance give those that cannot take part in the longer races the chance to experience the scenery for themselves.

The Purbeck 6 (10K) has a couple of hard climbs, uneven paths and is nothing like running a road based race!

Just like our other events, The Purbeck 6 (10K) is a local community event and the proceeds will be distributed to local charities. Just like the marathon this is more than just a 6 mile race, it’s a Purbeck 6.

The race will be run under UKA Rules.

Entrance fees

Affiliated £16.00, Non Affiliated £18.00 Admin fee £2

On the day entry will be available for £20

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Purbeck Half Marathon