The Purbeck Trail Series 2019

The 2017 Purbeck Trail Series
The 2017 Purbeck Trail Series

Entry into The Purbeck Marathon in 2019 will automatically enter you into the Purbeck Trail Series.

Now in its fourth year, the Purbeck Trail Series is back for 2017!
Starting with the Lulworth Castle 10k on 20th August, and finishing with the Studland Stampede on 15th  October, the Purbeck Trail Series is a challenge for runners of all standards!
As well as individual prizes for the winners, there will again be a club / team prize; this will be for a mixed team of two men and two women with each club’s best two men’s and women’s added for all six races.
It doesn’t have to be the same runners in all races just the best two of both genders for each club / team.

What races are involved?

There are six races in the Purbeck Trail Series;- 


So it’s an excellent variety of distances and terrains.

Who organizes it?
The Purbeck trail Series is a partnership between the six race organisers who also fund the prizes.

How are the prizes awarded?
Individual Prizes.
A maximum of four results for each runner count to decide the prizes.
If you complete five or six races, only your best four positions will count.
Points are awarded for each position in all the races regardless of gender.
The winner of each race will get 500 points, 2nd 499 points, 3rd 498 points etc.
Every place counts so there is an incentive to get ahead of the runner ahead be it, man or woman.

What are the prizes? 
The prizes will be unique trophies with a local flavour awarded to:-
Top three overall men & women.
Top under 40* men & women
Top 40 something* men & women
Top 50 something* men & women
Top 60 plus* men & women
Top 70 plus* men & women

One prize only per runner.
* Age on date of the first race.

Club / Team Prize
The total points scored by the best 2 men and women of each club/team in all five races will be added to decide the winner of a unique ‘local’ team prize to keep.

What does it cost and how do I enter?
Nothing, just enter one, two, three, four, five or all six of the races and you’ll automatically be included in the Purbeck Trail Series but the more races you enter the more you’ll score.

Where can I find the results?
After each race, a link will be posted on the websites of all six races directing you to the individual standings.
We’ll also post the leaders on our Facebook page at

Where is the prize giving?
The prizes will be awarded after the Studland Stampede when the results have been processed.

So why not set yourself a late summer target of the Purbeck Trail Series.
Get your entries in early for The Beast, Purbeck Marathon and Studland Stampede because last year they all sold out.
The Studland 5k and Black Hill 10k have fewer runners so give the opportunity to score more points.
Good luck and enjoy the delights of the Isle of Purbeck from Heathland, Stiles and Steps, Ridgeways, Woodlands and a lovely Sandy Beach all with stunning views.